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For years Tvjournalist.net has provided you with free content on how to structure, package and produce news videos. We are committed to continue providing these free lessons to you.  Such lessons have helped many to get a head start in their TV Journalism careers.

With times changing the TV Journalist also needs to change.  He / She has to update himself/herself with the latest in the field of Broadcast Journalism. Further, Citizen Journalism and Digital Journalism have taken major strides in the last few years.  We want the followers of this site to get a head start in these fields as well.

Preparing for Primetime: How to craft a news story – Guidance for Beginners and Citizen Journalists a book by the founder of www.tvjournalist.net , A Ravi Shankar, is an effort in this direction.  His students who read the book were extremely satisfied with it and tried methods mentioned in it.  A few of them managed to move up in their careers based on such efforts.

As you enjoy the free lessons, you may buy the book, for the next major step.