Aggression and Television Interviews

When the interviewer’s smart hawkish questions were effectively blocked by suave politician, the interviewer used to come back with an  equally sharp cross-question.   That kind of interviewing skills seem to be the thing of the past. The current trend … Continued

Anchoring Tips from NDTV

Many aspects of good anchoring has to do with personality, general awareness and grooming of the anchor.  A good anchor knows this and is able to present himself / herself well in front of the camera.  Most of the students … Continued

Being a Citizen Journalist

When Concorde went down in flames, a truck driver’s wife shot it on her video camera. It is the only shot available of the event, which proved vital for investigators! The lady would not have known that she would be … Continued

When advertisements offend sensibilities

A new advertisement for chocolates from a well established brand being broadcast in Indian radio has a major shock value. The advertisement highlights the smoothness of the chocolate by establishing a very courteous black mail. In this advertisement, the eyewitness … Continued

Persuasive Videos

Marketing Videos aim to  persuade the viewer to act. They persuade the viewer to  purchase a ‘good’ product or suggest a methodology which in turn soft sells a product. Advertisements of course are in the direct selling mode.  They highlight … Continued

Get the Name Right!

Is it Tamil or Tamizh? How would you pronounce the name Nymacheringa? Is he or she the President or Secretary or Head? How would you truncate a big name or Designation to fit into the a single line on screen? … Continued

Applying Photography fundamentals to Video

Many fundamentals of photography are used in Video as well. In fact photography does become the base for shot composition in Television as well. Block shot is a perfect example to highlight this aspect.  It is one of the main shots used … Continued

Blackfish – Documentary that is making waves

Trainers getting killed by whale performing in a theme park has always created reactions, but nothing like the case of 2010 victim Dawn Brancheau.  This is thanks to the documentary Blackfish which revolves around Tilikum the killer whale which killed … Continued

Video Tutorial on How to Promote your eBook

Youtube is now proving to be a rich source for learning. If you wish to learn or know more about a subject just search for it.  There would be a few experts available on most subjects.  Of course you will … Continued

Will it blend? – Marketing video that went viral

Videos can be used effectively to market your products.  One such example is marketing videos by US based company making blenders, Blendtec.  These videos have been going viral consistently.   The anchor in these videos blends any new gadget such … Continued